MAC Current Contributions

Below is the list of data inputs on the Current Contributions tab:

Employee Contributions

Enter the dollar amount or percent of pay the individual is currently contributing to the various qualified plans on a voluntary basis. The other field for each plan will be calculated.

Employer Pre-Tax Contribution to the Retirement Plan

There is a standard set of questions associated with each plan type. Each prompt is discussed below.

Is the employer contribution calculated on a matching basis?

Select Yes if the employer is matching the contribution, and enter the matching contribution. Otherwise, select No, and enter the employer's contribution (if any).

For Example:        If the employer matches 50% of each dollar the employee contributes, up to 5% of pay, enter 50% for % Matching and 5% for Max %.

If the client's employer makes contributions, but they are not matching, enter either the Percent of gross pay or the Dollar Amount the employer contributes.