Lump Sum Transfer Data Input

Below is a description of the various inputs for the Lump Sum Transfer calculator:

# of Years

Enter the number of years to illustrate.

# of Deposits/Year

Enter the number of ongoing deposits made per year.

Amount of Deposit

Enter the amount of each ongoing deposit.

The inputs for Account 1 and Account 2 are exactly the same, with the exception of the surrender fee prompts for Account 1. Each input will only be discussed once.


Enter the name of the account.

Note:It is strongly suggested that you do NOT use specific company, product, or account names when creating an illustrative projection.

Initial Value

Enter the account balance of the current product. The value for Account 2 will initially be calculated from the balance of Account 1 and the surrender fee; it may, however, be overridden.

Interest Rate

Enter the current interest rate or historic interest rate.

Bonus Type

Select the bonus type for the account. There are four options:

No Bonus: The account does not have any bonus. Bonus term prompts will be disabled.
Premium: The account pays a percentage of the contributions received for a specific period of time.
Interest: The account pays an additional interest rate for a specific period of time (e.g. 1%).
Dollar: The account offers a specific dollar amount upon transfer. The amount of the bonus is often the amount of the surrender charge paid. Bonus term prompts are not relevant and will be disabled.
Notes:Bonus products may require the client to annuitize the contract, rather than surrender it as a lump sum, in order to receive the bonus monies.
Bonus products may not credit the bonus as earned unless the client has the contract for a specific period of time. If the client makes a full or partial withdrawal from the account, they may not receive the bonus.

Bonus Value and Term of Bonus

Values are enabled depending on the selection of the prior prompt.

Annual $ Fee and Annual % Fee

Enter the annual fee charged by the product.

If the fee is charged as a percent of assets, enter the annual percentage fee here. Do not enter account maintenance fees as a % of assets.

Surrender Fees

If there is a surrender fee involved in moving to a subsequent product, enter the fee either as a percent (%) or specific dollar ($) amount.

Note:If moving from a two tier product, enter the annuity value as the account balance and the difference between the annuity value and the cash (or surrender value) as the surrender fee on the $ Surrender Fee line.