Accumulation Calculations

The Interest calculator's Accumulation illustrator can calculate any of the following values:

1.Current Value (present value)

2.Interest Rate

3.Number of Years

4.Deposits per Year

5.Deposit Amount

6.Deposit Increase

7.Future Value

After selecting the calculation type, enter the other values. The calculated value will be displayed below the other items.

Notes: When calculating any value except Projected Value, the value will be calculated as close as possible, and then the Projected Value will be re-calculated.



Select the field to calculate. The selected field will be removed from the data entry, and the calculated value for that field will be displayed below the data.

Interest Rate

Enter the effective annual interest rate.

Note:Interest rates may be changed in future years after a calculation is made by editing the values displayed in the grid.
The interest rate can not exceed 12%.

Current Account Value

Enter the current account balance.


Type of Deposit

Click on the down arrow and select the type of deposits. The selections include:

Level Deposits: Deposits to the account are the same for all years.

Annually Increase by Percent: Deposits increase by a percent each year.

Annually Increase by Dollar: Deposits increase by a dollar value each year.

Percent of Paycheck: This will change the prompts below to ask for the current paycheck value and the annual raises.

Note:When the Percent of Paycheck method is selected as Type of Deposits, the prompts will appear differently than what is discussed below. However, the calculation is similar in nature, and the prompts are self explanatory.

# of Deposits/Year

Enter the number of deposits per year.

Amount of Each Deposit

Enter the initial value of the deposit. If a Type of Deposit method was selected other then Level Deposits then the deposits will increase after the first year.

Deposits Made at

Select whether deposits are made at the beginning or ending of a period. For example, on a 12 pay, are the deposits made at the beginning or ending of the month.

Future Value*

Enter the hypothetical projected value of the account.


The calculated field is updated after data is modified. For combo boxes, this occurs when a new value is selected, for edited values, it occurs when the editor is exited (typically by pressing the tab key).