Merging Data

The import utility can merge data from two different sources, such as information from payroll and from a TPA (which normally contains the paycheck data).

Both datasets must be able to uniquely identify each client, based on their first and last name or Social Security Number.

Hint:If a field other than the Social Security Number is common between the two datasets, simply assign the value for the column to the Social Security field.

To merge the data from the two datasets, use the following steps:

1.Import the participants from the first dataset.

2.Start the import wizard again, now using the second dataset. When configuring the Import Action tab, select the second option (see image below), and configure the option to correctly identify the existing client record.

Note:The "Social Security numbers match" option for identifying an existing client record is only enabled if the field was selected in the Field Association tab.

Question Import Action

3.Finish configuring the wizard. The fields assigned from the second dataset will be updated.