TSP Account Summary

The TSP Account Summary page provides information about the client's current TSP allocation. The information is provided on three tab pages:

1.Contribution Overview

The Contribution Overview will display how the client is allocating their contribution between the various funds (G, F, C, S & I) and the Life Cycle funds, and how each part of their contribution would grow to retirement.


2.Life Cycle Fund Overview

The Life Cycle Fund Overview tab provides an overview of how the Life Cycle accounts allocate their balance between the G, F, C, S, and I funds, and how it changes over time.


Note:This chart provides an analysis for the client to understand how the allocations move between the various funds and can help them understand why allocating between different Life Cycle funds is not a good asset allocation strategy.

3.Account Allocation

The Account Allocation tab displays the client's current allocation of all TSP investments between the G, F, C, S and I fund, and allow for comparing it against a Life Cycle account.