Grid Options

The Options for the Retirement Years Grid are discussed below.

Include Income for Accounts Above the Client's Need

This prompt allows the grid to include income above the clients needs. By default it is checked.

Note:This check-box only enabled if the illustration includes income that does exceed a monthly income need.

Display Values

Select which values are displayed in the grid: Annual Totals (totals for year calendar year of retirement), Annual Monthly Averages (average monthly values for each calendar year), or Monthly.

Note:Selecting Monthly will result in the corresponding report displaying monthly values, which may result in a much longer report.

Income Type

This option will be available if either the Tax Wise or Flat Tax  is selected.

Select whether to display Pre-Tax or After-Tax values in the grid.

Row Years

Show "Date" Column

Determines the date column

Options for Client's and Spouse's Ages

Select the setting for showing the client's and spouse's ages.

Income Needed

Show Income Need in One Column

If this is checked, when a spouse is included in the illustration the income needed be displayed in one column.

Special Expenses

Special Expenses are only available in the Gap Analysis calculator. This is only enabled if Show Income Need in One Column is checked.

The options available are:

Include with Need: All income needed is included in one column

Single Column: All Special Expenses are displayed in a single column.

Column per Expense: Each Special Expenses are displayed in separate columns.

Account Columns

Select which column type(s) are displayed in the grid. This setting does not impact the printed report.

Total Income Column

Check this box to include a column with total income.

Show Annual  Percent Taxed

Check this box to include a column showing the percent of income taxed for each record.


Show Footer Row

Check this box to show a footer row in the retirement years grid. (This does not affect the printed report).

Footer Font

This allows the font in the footer to be larger for highlighting the values to your client. Select between the options: Normal, Always Different, and Change on Mouse Over. If Normal is not selected, the next two prompts are available for changing the footer font.

Font Size Offset: The font size can be increased from 0 to 2.

Bold Font: Check this box to show the footer font in bold.

Cash Flow Types

The Cash Flow Types options can be used to determine what is occuring with different cash flows.