Retirement Years

The Retirement Years screen displays the various forms of retirement income during the retirement years in both a chart and in a grid.

Display Options

The Display Options tab at the right of the screen can configure a number of display options.

Display Values

Select what is to be displayed in the chart by clicking on Incomes, Balances or Both (the later displaying two charts).

Display Mode

Select the Display Mode for the income chart

several items can be configured for displayin ght

There are several options for displaying the chart:

Multi-Year vs. Single Year buttons

The chart can display either all years during retirement in a stacked bar format (shown above) or a single year in a pie chart (shown below).


To the right of the chart the distribution order of the accounts is displayed. The order may be changed by dragging the accounts to a new position in the list.

In the Quick Gap calculator this changes the distribution order for all retirement years.

In the Gap Analysis calculator, the change is applied to either the first year in retirement (similar to the Quick Gap option), or from the selected year forward. This is determined by the selection of "Apply Order Change to..." above the account list. This order of distribution continues until a new distribution order is encountered (if any). An orange bar will appear in the chart to indicate which years have changes in distribution order.

When viewing a single year, a slider-bar appears at the bottom for scrolling through the various years.

Hint: To view a specific year in the chart, simply click on the specific bar in the multi-year view.

Configuration Options

The following options may be configured using the buttons above the chart.

Income Sources vs. Account Balances

The chart can display either the income sources during retirement (shown above) or the account balances during retirement.

Note:        In the multi-year chart, click on a bar to view data for a particular year.

Simple vs. Detail

This allows for seeing income or balances by account or viewing a total of all accounts incomes verses shortfall. For example, the same chart shown above (shown in detail) is shown in simple mode below.


The following option to configure the grid is available below the chart.

Show Income Need Line

This check box toggles the income need line (shown in the stacked bar chart above).

Group Additional Incomes

When working with more than a handful of additional income accounts (from the Other Accounts tab), the chart may become confusing. Check this box to reduce the clutter.

Pop up Menu

Right-clicking over the chart allows for these options:

View 3-D

Toggles if the chart is viewed in 3-D or 2-D.

View Legend

Determines the location of the chart's legend.

Income Values

The chart allows for both Annual Values and Average Monthly Values.

Note:When working with Annual Values for clients who have a fractional year in retirement life expectancy, the final year will appear shorter than prior years because it is not a full year.

Horizontal Axis

Along the horizontal axis (years) there are 3 options to display data:

1.The client's and spouse's ages

2.The date

3.Year (calendar year)

4.The year number (from the first retirement)

Show Years with Shortfall in Red

If this is checked, labels associated with retirement years in the chart with an illustrated shortfall will be colored red (otherwise all labels are displayed in the default color).