General Overview

The General Values screen displays the average values of all incomes over all retirement years as well as any additional savings needed to account for a shortfall. It displays a stacked bar graph showing the percentage of savings reached in retirement. This display provides a quick summary of the retirement incomes in graphical format.



This calculation page, while appearing very simple, has some very powerful ways of engaging the client:

1.Often an individual can feel positive about having a high-percentage of funding (e.g. 86% funding displayed above), and you may want to ask them how they feel about this. Then ask them how they would feel if the shortfall hit them today (e.g. for the chart above, the question would be, "how would you feel about a 14% shortfall today?"). This can make the need for additional savings more actionable.

2.This page also illustrates very well the cost of inflation. While the first year column shows the initial income needed in retirement, the second column illustrates the impact of inflation on their average income--and the last year of retirement may even be significantly higher (which could be viewed in the Retirement Years grid).

Note:These values in the Average for All Retirement represent all retirement years. If an account that pays out during retirement changes during retirement, or if there is a spouse and the income is not paid out all retirement months, the value may vary from the monthly payout made by the account.