DB Buyback Comparison

The DB Buyback Comparison page performs a quick cost analysis on purchasing back years of service from a retirement plan.

Gap Analysis Calculator Buy Back

Each of the prompts are discussed below:

Years of service to buyback

Enter the years of service to purchase back.

Additional life expectancy years

This prompt allows for illustrating the effects of longer life expectancy.

Payment Method

Select the method of payment, and enter the value associated with the required payment.


The calculations appear at the bottom of the calculation page on two different tabs: Calculation Overview and Detail Calculations.

Calculations Overview


The Calculation Overview values display compares the additional income from purchasing the additional years of service. The Less 5 Years and Add 5 Years columns provide additional calculations for different life expectancies.

Detail Calculations


The Detail Calculations tab provide a comparison of the income with and without the additional years of service.