Configuring the DB Options Grid

The Defined Benefit Config panel is available when a defined benefit plan is selected for the active person (client or spouse). It can be opened by clicking on the Defined Benefit Config tab on the right-top side of the Overview calculation window.



Life Expectancy Display Value

This option configures how the life expectancy values are displayed in either "Age at Life Expectancy" (see below) or "Number of Years".


Additional Savings Frequency

This option allows for additional savings needed to be set for "Monthly" or "Per Paycheck".


Visible Options in Survivor Benefit Options Grid

Select which columns are visible in the DB Options grid.

DB Grid Options

Each of the options is discussed below.

Allow Customization of Values

This option allows overriding the calculated values in the grid. If this is checked, for all options the Month Values can be edited and for alternative options (other than the primary option) the following columns can be modified: Percent of Primary, and the Client's and Spouse's Monthly Income and Percent of Primary. If a value has been modified, it is displayed in bold:


NotesEither the Monthly Income or Percent Primary/Percent of Option column can be customized. If one column is edited, the other column will be calculated.
If values have been customized, un-checking this box will disable the ability to edit the values in the grid but not reset the customized values. To reset the customized values, click on the Reset Customization button.

Reset Customization

Clicking on this button clears any customization of the monthly values grid.

Show Grid Full Width

Checking this box will display the DB Option Grid at the maximum width.

Allow Grid Horizontal Sizing

If this is checked, a slider bar will be displayed to the right of the grid that can be dragged to set the grid to a custom width.


Auto-Size Columns

Check this button to resize the columns in the grid. This does not change the size of the DB Option Grid.