Restore from File

Warning:Restoring data may overwrite your current client data files and result in a complete loss of the current data. Please be careful.


Select File/Other/Backup & Restore/Restore from File... from the ribbon bar. A dialog similar to what is below will appear:

 Restore from backup dialogue box

Source File

Enter the path and file name of the backup file.

Hints: Clicking on the down-arrow to the right of the box (or pressing Control-Down Arrow) will show a list of files that were recently backed up.
Clicking on the file selector icon on the far right of the editor will allow the file to be selected.

Database Action

Select to either Overwrite the Existing Database or Change Database Name.

If overwriting an existing database the following prompt must be checked:

Notes: The current database will be backed up.

Overwrite existing data

Check the box to confirm overwriting the existing database.

If changing the database name, the following prompt will appear:

New Database Name

Enter the new database name to restore to. The file must not exist in the data directory.

Notes:        Changing the "New Database Name" will change the current client database file and leave the existing client database file.

The restored database will be located in the same directory as the current database.


If the file is encrypted, enter the password.


Once the data has been correctly entered, click on the Restore button.