Config and Disclaimers

There are three tabs to configure on the Batch Processing/Printing section. Each item is discussed below:

Contribution Analysis

Use branding...on Batch Paycheck Reports

Branding (feature found only in TRAK Deluxe, and configured in Printing/Branding section of the Setup window) may be turned off for the Batch Paycheck reports.

Use Bitmap Images in Contribution Analysis Reports

By default, the contribution analysis reports will use a vector-based images (EMF) for the charts. Occasionally this may create problems when saving reports to PDF.  Use this option when experiencing problems with images when saving PDF reports.

Show Methodology

Determines if the methodology section of the report is printed.

Disclaimer/End note

Configures options with the disclaimer printed at the end of the report. When enabled, right-clicking over the disclaimer editor gives access to simple font controls.

Participant Gap Analsiis Report Config

Footer Config

Allows for determining how the footer is printed in the report.

Disclaimer/End Note

Allows for configuration of the disclaimer printed on the Batch Gap report.

Batch Gap Branding

Allows for configuration of branding in the Batch Gap report. The branding image is printed toward the bottom of the report, below the advisor's name.