Creating a Client File

This dialog allows for the creation of a new client file.

Loading new Client

Enter the information as requested.  Required fields are designated in bold-red. The new client file cannot be created until all required fields have data.  If there is a data entry problem, an error message will appear near the bottom of the dialog.  To enter additional client information, click on the configuration wheel icon on the upper right (see mouse arrow).  This will open up more fields for data entry.


When there are no errors, the "OK" button will be enabled.  Clicking this button will then create the new client file.

Notes: When a client has a spouse and the last name is not the same as the client's, the different names will be illustrated at the top of the calculator tabs. If the spouse's last name is the same as the client's last name, the names together will be reflected respectively (e.g. John Doe and Jane Day if different, or, if the last names are the same, John and Jane Doe, etc.).
A new client file may be created without including a spouse's name.
A spouse may be automatically added in a calculator when data is required (e.g. in the Quick Gap, if the "Include Spouse in Illustration" check box is checked, the spouses' data is automatically added).