Deleting a Client File

Client/Delete is used to delete one or more client files that are no longer needed.

Note: The active client file can not be deleted.
Warning:After a client has been deleted, it can not be recovered.

1.Select File/Delete from the ribbon bar.

2.Select whether to delete files by name or by group.

Note: Clients may be associated in groups when importing data. Groups are used for batch processing, such as in the Batch Paycheck calculator.

When deleting client file(s) by name:

1.Check that Client Name is selected in the Delete By combo box.

2.Select which client file(s) you wish to delete.

Hints: Holding down the Control key when clicking the left mouse button on client names will allow for selecting multiple names.
Holding down the Shift key when clicking the left mouse button will select all clients between the currently selected name to the one that was newly clicked on.

3.Press the 'OK' button and confirm that the client file(s) is (are) to be deleted.

When deleting by groups:

1.Select Group Name in the Delete By combo box.

2.Check Delete all clients in a group to delete all clients associated with the group. Otherwise, only the group label will be deleted.

Note:There are two options in deleting a group: just the group label may be deleted (leaving all of the client files in the group), or the group label and all of the clients in the group may be deleted.

3.Select the appropriate group.

4.Click on the 'OK' button.

5.A confirmation box will appear explaining what will be deleted. Select the appropriate button.