Advanced Database Filter Example

Advanced example of a Database filter

A helpful data based filter is a list of clients in the database that are retiring within the next year (or have already retired), and also have not been modified in TRAK for the last year. To create this filter, use the following steps:

1.Check that the 'Date Updated' and 'Client's Years until Retirement' columns are both visible. (Right-click over the grid and select these categories under the Columns menu).

2.Click on the filter drop down for the 'Date Updated' column and select 'Custom.'

Database advanced filter updated

3.In the Custom Filter dialog, select the 'is less than" comparison and enter the date of one year ago. Click on the 'OK' button.

Database custom filter: Date        

4.For the 'Client's Years until Retirement' column, add a custom filter where the years until retirement is less than 1. Press the 'OK' button.

Database Custom filter: Years until retirement

5.Confirm that the text in the grid's filter is correct.

 Database Custom Filter Text

Hint:If multiple filters have been created, a drop down arrow to the left of the text will allow for quickly switching to previously created filters.

For more complex filtering, such as modifying the filter so that it would be the client's last update to a prior date or those retiring the next year, click on the next year. then click on the 'Customize' filter button found at the bottom-right of the grid.