Strategic Social Security

These prompts configure the calculations for the Strategic Social Security calculator.

COLA Method

There are five options for the COLA method for Social Security, including 10 Year Average, 20 Year Average, 30 Year Average, No Inflation and Custom. With the first  three "... Year Average" methods, the rate used will be displayed right below the selection. If Custom is selected, a Custom COLA prompt will be displayed for enter the custom COLA rate.

Scenario Frequency

Select the frequency of generating scenarios for the various models. While Monthly will generate the most scenarios, it will take a bit longer to generate then the other scenarios. With Smart Select TRAK will use artificial intelligence to generate the highest and lowest scenarios without having to generate all of the available scenarios.

When Printing, Always Include the Highest Income Option

Check this box to include the Highest Income Option when printing, even when it has not been selected.

Additional Calculation Analysis

TRAK will calculate the total income for each scenario but this does not take into consideration the time-value-of-money. To include the time-value-of-money, select the method to calculate the value.

Time Value of Money

This Retirement COLA

Lump Sum  Investment

Retirement Rate of Return