Data Entry: Students

The College Student(s) section of the College Funding calculator allows as many college students to be added as needed.

Working with Students

The "Add Student" and "Delete Student" buttons can be used to add and remove college students. Note that the "Delete Student" button will be disabled if there is only one college student.

The names of the students will appear in the list to the left of the data. The name of the selected student can be edited in the "Student Name" editor at the right.

Editing Students

The prompts for each student is discussed briefly below:

Personal Information


Enter the name of the student. This will modify the name of the student in the list on the right. Note that no two students can have the same name.

Date of Birth

Enter the date of birth of the student. After exiting the fields, confirm the current age of the student and years until college starts.

College Entry


Enter the date the student anticipates to enter college. After entering the data and exiting the editor, the 'Age of entry' and 'Years from now' prompts will be updated. Confirm that the values are correct.

# of Years Enrolled

Enter the number of years the student plans to attend the college.

College Cost

How data is entered in this section is determined by which method is selected in the Assumption's "College cost method" prompt above.

Estimated Cost Method

This prompt is enabled only if Configured for each student is selected as the College cost method prompt in the Assumptions section. It allows for either Average Values or Manual Entry to be selected as the college cost method. The appropriate prompt below will be enabled based on which item is selected.

Type of College

This prompt is enabled only if the "Average values" method is selected in the Assumption's "College cost method" or in the "Estimated cost method" above. This allows you to select which type of college the student will attend.

Current Annual Cost

This prompt is enabled only if the Manual values method is selected in the Assumption's College Cost Method or in the "Estimated cost method" above.

Enter the current annual cost of the college the student plans to attend.

Percent of Tuition to Pay

Enter the percent of the costs that client will pay for the student.

Current College Savings

Enter the current college savings for this student.

Hint:If the student will attend different colleges (e.g. a community college for the first two years followed by two years of a private college), create two different students and name them appropriately (e.g. the first student could be "Jo Ann: Community College" and the second would be "Jo Ann: Private College").