Strategic Social Security

Overview of the Strategic Social Security Calculator

The Strategic Social Security calculator provides an efficient and effective method for determining the best alternatives for planning a client and their spouses' options for starting their income from Social Security . Features include:

Quickly determine the total income received from various filing options.

Optionally include the current lump-sum real-dollar-value or investment needed for the estimated cash flow.

Easily filter out options that do not work for your client's situation.

Provide a comprehensive report for your client to take home.

Integrate any selected illustrations with a retirement needs analysis (in the Quick Gap or Gap Analysis calculators).

With an amazing few data entry points, TRAK may provide literally thousands of scenarios for a client and spouse, quickly providing for them their options for taking income from Social Security.


There are three steps in the process for using TRAK's Strategic Social Security calculator:


1.Enter the data in client and/or spouse tabs. Use the Strategic Social Security's Data Entry tab to enter the information provided by the client from the Social Security Administration.

2.Review and the various scenarios and select the desired ones for comparison. When the Strategic Social Security Select Scenarios tab is opened, TRAK will generate the various scenarios. This may take a few moments. When they are calcuated, the specific scenarios can selected for comparison, and inclusion in the Quick Gap and Gap Analysis calculators.

3.Compare the selected scenarios. Use the Strategic Social Security Scenario Comparisons tab to compare the scenarios selected in the Scenario Review tab. (Note that this tab will be disabled until at least one scenario is selected in the Scenario Review tab).

Note:The longer the client (and, if relevant, their spouse) has until retirement increases the chances of legislative changes that may affect the projected Social Security income or the rules that this illustration is based on.