Required Minimum Distributions

Note:Starting in 2006, changes in the IRS code requiring the "Actuarial Value of death and living benefits" associated with annuity contracts are to be included in calculating the RMD payment. This requires that the calculations involving such annuities must be provided by the company providing the annuity product, as the actuarial values of the benefits vary by company and by benefits included in the specific annuity contract. Therefore, the TRAK calculations should only be used for illustration purposes.
Note:Once an individual reaches the age of 70.5, this calculation must be done each year. And since the RMD must be done on a yearly basis, the client should not rely on the RMD numbers projected after Year One. All calculations after Year One are purely hypothetical and are for cash flow illustrations only.

The Required Minimum Distribution calculator allows for quick and easy calculation of the current RMD, along with illustrating the hypothetical account value in future years.

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