Multi-Tier Split Annuity


The Multi-Tier Split Annuity calculator allows for illustrating a 2 to 5 tier split annuity. It provides the flexibility of either a quick and simple illustration, or if more detailed information is required, the calculator can be configured to have additional fields for importing data.

Features in the Multi-Tier Split Annuity calculator include:

Allocations (a.k.a. "tiers") can include names.

Each allocation may include a premium bonus.

Inflation can be configured for the period of time, or customized for each time period.

The final allocation can include a typical account balance, can be a defined ending balance, or a income rider account.


After entering the data for the annuity products, the calculations screen can be viewed by clicking on the Calculation tab.

Mutli-Tier Split Annuity Tab

Note:The Calculation tab will be disabled if the information is insufficient on the Data tab (e.g. no account value has been entered). If the tab is disabled, an error message will appear in the "Data Error" below the data entry fields.