Maximum Allowable Contribution (MAC) Calculator

The Maximum Allowable Contribution (MAC) Calculator calculates the maximum annual contribution for 403(b) (including the 402(g)(7) Limit) and 457 plans (including the Double-Up Option).

403(b) Overview

415(c) Limit

Under most circumstances, an individual and their employer may contribute a combined amount that can not exceed 100% of includable compensation up to the 415(c) limit ($61,000 for 2022). The voluntary employee portion of the $61,000 can't exceed the 402(g)(7) limit on voluntary contributions ($20,500 for 2022, and is indexed for inflation in future years).

402(g)(7) Limit on Voluntary Contributions

If an individual works for a qualifying employer (e.g. educational, hospital, or health/welfare agency), and has 15 years of service with the same employer, they may be able to increase the amount of the 402(g)(7) limit by up to $3,000 per year, for a total amount of $23,500.

457 Limit Overview

The standard 457 limit is $20,500 for 2022 and is indexed for inflation in future years. If the employee is within 3 years of normal retirement age, they may be eligible to double the limit, depending upon their unused contributions.

Calculator Overview

The data for the MAC Calculator is divided into 4 tabs. Click on the respective link for more information:

1.Client Information

2.Retirement System

3.402(g)(7) Limit

4.Current Contributions

After the data is entered on the four input screens, press the calculation button (MAC Calculation Button) found at the top-right of the calculator.

To print the reports, use the print button in the calculation screen.