Asset Allocation

The Asset Allocation program is provided to determine the risk tolerance of a client. Risk tolerance profiles are generated by having the individual answer a number of questions about their investment experience and their views on investing.

TRAK has a generic risk tolerance profile. There are some company specific profiles available as well.

Asset Allocation in Questionnaire

Each question must be answered before the Next button is enabled.

Hints:The red coloring to the left of the question and answers indicates an unanswered question.
Questions may be answered either by clicking on them or pressing the letter that corresponds to the answer (i.e. A, B, or C in the image above, not case sensitive).


The name of the asset allocation questionnaire being used appears in the status bar of the screen.

Asset allocation questionnaire status bar

Changing Questionnaire

To load a different questionnaire than the one selected when the Asset Allocation program starts:

1.Click on the questionnaire name at the bottom of the questionnaire screen.

2.Click the name of the questionnaire to be used.