Each of the prompts on the Setup section are discussed below:

Rates of Return & Inflation

Use Glide Path

To enable a glide path to change the rate of return prior to retirement, select this option and choose either one of the three presets.  To create a new glide path scenario or edit the preset values.

Prior to Retirement & During Retirement

Enter the hypothetical rate of return that will be illustrated in the account prior to and during retirement.  Decimal point values are allowed for both rates.

Retirement Inflation

This is the inflation that occurs during retirement. (Inflation prior to retirement is not directly taken into consideration. Raises, configured in the Employer File, indirectly addresses inflation for the pre-retirement).  A decimal point can also be use for the inflation rate finer detail.

Life Expectancy

These settings determine how the life expectancy is calculated for each participant.

Other Options

Determines which optional lines are displayed in the paycheck comparison section of the report. Note that the employer contribution items and "Total Contribution" lines will not display unless the employer is making a contribution.

Word Choice for "Raises"

In the reports, the word "raises" can also be replaced with "increases". Select the preferred word.

Round-up Recommended Contribution to the Next Whole Percent

Check this box for rounding-up recommended contributions to the next whole percent.

Maximum Number of Decimals for Contribution Percent

For contribution rates,TRAK will trim training zeros to the right of the decimal place. Select the maximum number of decimals to display for contribution percent.

Show Description of Employer Contribution on Separate Page

Check this to move the description of the employer contribution on the report from below the Assumptions to a second page.

Show Disclaimer on Separate Page

Check this box to move the disclaimer from below the assumptions (and employer contributions) to a second page.