Auto Escalation

If advisors want to utilize automatic increases as an additional solution for funding retirement need gaps, which can be configured in the Participant Gap Report Editor as an additional step.  To configure this, select the “Auto-Escalate as a Solution” section and check the box “Include Auto-Escalate as a Solution” to set limits, time periods, accounts to increase and increase priorities:


Auto-Increase Limits

Configure the minimum, increment and maximum for the limits.

Immediate Increase

Set the limits for the immediate increase value.

Annual Increase

Set the limits for the annual increase value.

Number of Years

Set the number of years for the increases to continue to occur.

Account(s) for Auto-Increase

Select either "Both", "Pre-Tax" or "Roth"

Only Increase Pre-Tax Account if there are no Current Roth Contributions

Check this box if that option is preferred.

Auto-Increase Priority

Click and rearrange the priority of the increases by selecting the increase and then using the up and down arrows change the ranking.


With this enabled, an automatic increase solution will be illustrated for participants.  It illustrates on the report like this:


If participants have both a current automatic increase and an increasing contribution solution enabled, the report will display their current paycheck plus the “Auto-Escalation” solution as is illustrated below: