72(t) Input

The 72(t) calculator can calculate both the amount of income an account can produce using 72(t) and the cash balance needed to produce a required income. The data inputs are explained below:

Date of Birth

Enter the account owner's date of birth.

Interest Rate During Payout

Enter the applicable IRS interest rate for the current month.

Note:Current historical rates can be downloaded from RetireReadyTM by clicking the 'Get Current Rate' button. This value may be verified by clicking on the "Link to Applicable Interest Rate" to open IRS web documents.


TRAK can calculate either the annual incomes that an account can provide under 72(t) regulation or the balances required for a required income. Select the desired calculation.

The following two prompts will be enabled if the selected calculation method is Known Balance, Calculate Income.

Current Account Value

Enter the current account value as of December 31st of last year.

Amount to be Distributed

Enter the amount to be used for the 72(t) calculation.

The following prompt will be enabled if the selected calculation method is Known Income, Calculate Balance.

Required Annual Income

Enter the annual income the client requires from the account.


The calculations will be updated as data is entered.

Historical Rates Tab

This tab shows the historical 72(t) interest rates.