Simplify Complex Federal Retirement Plans

Simplify Planning Complexities

Federal retirement plans and benefits are complex, just ask any advisor who has tried working with a federal employee. TRAK provides you one solution to simplify these complex plans. TRAK illustrates the FERS, CSRS, and CSRS Offset benefits and survivor benefit options, Federal Employee Group Life Insurance, TSP account and life annuity projections, and Federal Long-term Care Insurance. Incorporate Social Security and other assets and accounts for a detailed retirement plan.

Create detailed, engaging retirement plans for federal employees in a matter of minutes.

Differentiate Yourself

To stand out and grow your business in a competitive field you must differentiate yourself and your services.  Stand out as a federal retirement expert who works confidently with America’s 4 million federal employees. TRAK can help you differentiate yourself by giving you tools designed specifically for the federal market.

Let TRAK do the heavy lifting and start working with federal employees today!

With TRAK, clients get such a clear sense of where they need to make changes. That gives my recommendations a relevancy and immediacy that help them make the changes.
Ann Vanderslice

Federal Retirement Advisor, Retirement Planning Strategies

Working with the federal retirement plans can be complicated. Our federal retirement plan cheat sheets put all the basic plan details at your fingertips.

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