Engaging 401k Participants with Retire Ready Solutions


You love being a financial advisor. It’s one of the most rewarding jobs there is. You get to help people learn how to manage their money so they can have the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of. You know that, honestly, without your advice, many people would never be able to have the kind of retirement they really want. Most people just don’t have a clue!

But sometimes, your job can be frustrating! You want to help people plan for their retirement, but they’ve got the idea that it’s too complex, or too vague, and they don’t have time to learn … they just don’t want to think about something that’s that far away.

Oh, you try to educate them. You have group meetings with educational materials. You teach them terms like asset allocation, fees, and current yield. But, they look bored out of their minds. You can see them checking their phones and impatiently shifting in their seats.

Wouldn’t you rather have a tool that could help you get people EXCITED about planning and saving for retirement? Something that would make them sit up in their chairs and go, “Wow!” Something that could encourage animated discussions with people who UNDERSTAND why what you’re telling them matters.

There is such a thing. It’s called TRAK, The Retirement Analysis Kit. With it, you can engage participants with personalized gap reports, and optionally follow up one-on-one for those who are engaged and want more information. The next thing you know, people can CLEARLY see the gap between what they have, and what they’ll need. It’s not some abstract image of retirement. It’s specific, clear, and they know what actions to take. And they are willing to take action today.

Once you download the software and get set up, it’s easy to use. All you need is a census file, or if working one-on-one, a little personal information—the kind of information you can get from a paycheck stub and their account balance. You’ll be able to visually show people their own gap report. They get engaged. And, you can continue the dialogue to help them develop strategies to fill the retirement income gap.

When you use TRAK, you get to educate plan participants in a group. And you can move to one-on-one education very easily. You get them excited and emotionally connected about their future. And you get to increase your own effectiveness. And this results in a great income for you.

Help your participants get passionate about investing for their retirement and get the retirement they really want. Help them get on TRAK and they will love you for it.