Editing and Creating Custom Report Disclaimers in TRAK




Hello and welcome to this brief tutorial about TRAK. Today we’re going to be looking at how to edit and create a custom disclaimer for your reports.

When you open the software, we’re going to edit our disclaimer options in the configuration menu. To get to the Configuration Editor, go to the Setup tab and click this button here that says Config. This will open up the Configuration Editor.

You’ll note this menu on the left-hand side. To edit the disclaimer options, we’re going to scroll down to the bottom to printing, and then under printing we’re going to select the Disclaimer Options here.

You’ll notice that we have three tabs here. On the first tab, Cover Page Disclaimer, you can add a custom text that will appear toward the bottom of the cover page. If you’d like to include this text simply select the box and enter or paste your text here.

TRAK comes with a default disclaimer, some of the information will be automatically populated from your user account information. On the Disclaimer Page tab, you have several things that you can configure. Is the disclaimer going to be optional? Is it going to be required? Or you can opt not to show it. You can also decide where the disclaimer will appear in the report. Will it be the last page or will it be the first page after the cover page?

If you’d like to use your own disclaimer or edit the one we have here, simply uncheck the box that says “use Default Disclaimer Page”. Your box here may or may not have text in it depending on whether you’ve actually edited this disclaimer before. If this box is blank and you’d like to simply edit the default disclaimer, you can click the button here that says “Restore Default Disclaimer” and then this box will be populated with text.

If you’d like to edit any particular text, simply click in the box, you can use your arrow keys to scroll up or down the text and you can edit this text, or you can simply delete it and paste your own disclaimer into this area.

The last tab here, if you’d like to add any footer notes to the bottom of your report pages you add those here by simply selecting the box and editing the footer here.

Once you’re done with your changes, simply click OK and they will be saved.