Creating Reports in TRAK-Online



This short tutorial will provide information on how to select and configure reports in TRAK-Online. In this example, the Gap Analysis reports will be demonstrated but the features are available for all programs in TRAK-Online.

In over-viewing the page, the left side contains the available reports by group. For the Gap Analysis program, this includes the Cover Page, General Reports and the Pension Maximization groups. On the right side are the current selected reports, at this point there are none, and below that are Report Sets. Let’s get started by talking about the available reports. In this example there are three groups but the specific categories may change based on the program being used and also the data in the program. For example, the Pension Maximization group is only available if a defined benefit plan is selected as the retirement plan for the client or spouse.

Also, the list of reports in each report group will be different in each TRAK-Online program and may be different based on the client’s data. To expand the group, click on the group header. Similarly, headers can be contracted again by clicking on the header. When a group is expanded, a list of available reports is in the selected group. Each report has a small icon to the left of its name. Click on the icon to display a preview of the report. Note that this preview is just a sample of what a typical report may look like but is not actually generated from the client data.

To select a report, click on the arrow to the right of the report name, this will move the report to the right side under Current Order list. The Cover Page will always be shown first and if a different Cover Page is clicked on, it will replace the selected cover page.

On the right side is the Current Order list and the Report Sets. The Current Order is a set of reports that have been selected for printing. When a report is selected from the left-hand side, it is placed on the bottom of the Current Order reports. The name of the group that report is selected from is shown to the right of the report. To change the order a report is printed, simply click on the report, hold the mouse down, and drag it to a new position in the list. Also, to remove a report from the list simply click on the small “x” to the right of the report name or click on the “Clear” button below the list of selected reports to remove all of the reports.

Before generating the report, let’s talk about Report Sets, found below the Current Order. Because configuring a specific set of reports can be laborious and repetitive, there are Report Sets. Once you’ve selected a set of reports and the order you prefer, you can give the set a name such as “First Meeting” and then save this as a Report Set. Now this set of reports is available under the Load a Report Set option. For example, after clicking on the Clear button, the page is now configured as it would when it was first entered. Now I can go to the Load a Report Set and select First Meeting which selects the set of reports that was just saved from this Report Set. This Report Set will be available for this program for all clients. Each TRAK-Online program may have their own list of Report Sets.

Finally, back to generating reports. Once the desired reports are selected and are in the preferred order, click the Generate Report button. A window will appear indicating that the report is being generated, this may take a moment. After it’s generated, three options will be available: 1) Open in New Tab, 2) Download, and 3) Email. When emailing a report it will be sent to the email account associated with the current TRAK-Online user. Depending on your email system, it should appear fairly quickly but be sure to check your spam or junk folder. If you want TRAK-Online to always open the report in a new tab, click on the respective option; the next time the report will automatically be opened in a new tab. To turn this feature off, simply click on it while the report is being generated.

This tutorial provided information on how to select and configure reports in TRAK-Online it specifically used the reports in the Gap Analysis calculator but the features demonstrated here are also available in the other TRAK-Online calculators.