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Educating clients is an important part of being an advisor. RetireReady Solutions the makers of TRAK have been providing innovative retirement readiness software to advisors since 1986. Our purpose is to create tools that help advisors confidently educate individuals about retirement planning.

Our flagship product, The Retirement Analysis Kit (TRAK), is financial planning software designed specifically for advisors. TRAK is efficient and effective for educating participant groups and one-on-one with clients. Whether you work in the 401(k), 403(b), 457 or federal retirement plan market, TRAK has powerful tools to engage your clients. TRAK shifts the focus of meetings to education, not sales, which fosters a dialog about participants’ unmanaged monies.

TRAK is widely viewed as the gold standard of retirement illustration software for advisors because it is designed to answer the real-life retirement questions advisors face every day.

Our company was founded in 1986 as a financial services firm called The Annuity People. We specialized in the Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA) education market.

As a sales rep firm, one of our biggest challenges was giving our clients a clear and unbiased picture of their retirement needs as quickly as possible. We developed TRAK based on the marketplace needs we uncovered in our everyday selling practices.

We began marketing TRAK software to other advisors and, based on its proven usefulness in daily sales calls, our platform quickly became the leading worksite tool for marketing, sales, illustration and analysis for professional retirement planners. In 1990, the company began focusing exclusively on designing, manufacturing and marketing TRAK.

Since then, thousands of financial advisors in the 401(k), 403(b) and federal retirement markets have used our software and reported increases in their average case size of up to 34 percent.

In July 2006, our company became known as Trust Builders, Inc. This name reflected the evolution of retirement services away from rapid transactions toward lifelong relationships based on trust. That is the way advisors must serve their clients—and that is our model for serving advisors.

In January 2007, Edward Dressel, who had held various development and marketing positions with the company since 1988, became president and owner of Trust Builders.

Under Dressel’s leadership, we have expanded our software so that we can now serve 401(k) advisors and advisors in the federal employee marketplace while continuing to serve advisors in the 403(b) marketplace. As an added service, we now partner with broker dealers to customize aspects of our software so that it better meets the needs of their representatives.

In May 2015, we introduced TRAK-Online, our cloud-based version of TRAK which can be used on any internet connected device.

In July 2017, we changed our company name to RetireReady Solutions in order to more clearly reflect the products and services we provide to advisors helping individuals prepare for retirement.

We have served financial advisors for over 30 years and we can help you grow your retirement planning business. Please contact us today to learn more about TRAK and tell us how we can better serve you.



In advancing our mission to equip advisors to better serve and educate their clients and participants, we have established relationships with like-minded, allied firms. These relationships may provide additional benefits or resources to our customers. Please visit our relationships page to find out about current relationships.

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