TRAK Keeps it Simple

David Cain has been working in financial services since 1987. Originally from Pittsburgh, Advisor David Cainhe is the regional sales manager for Sterling National Financial Group in Dallas, Texas. Cain and his team of 46 advisors serve the 403(b) market and spend their days educating clients about their retirement planning options. He has trained his team in TRAK so that every client receives a personalized pension analysis. He credits TRAK with increasing his advisors’ success rate.

TRAK Helps Communicate Visually

Cain’s sales philosophy is to make things simple and visual for clients. He believes that most advisors struggle to communicate clear and precise information to their clients. Yet without clear communication, clients default to simply not making a decision. “It’s difficult to talk retirement planning without confusing people,” said Cain. “You can give them good information, but if they don’t understand it, they won’t make a decision.”

He leverages TRAK’s diverse visual aids in his meetings. “My clients are all educators and probably 80% of them are visual learners,” he explains. “TRAK gives us a visual tool that brings things into focus.”

TRAK Saves Time

Like other busy professionals, Cain’s clients don’t have a lot of time to spend with their advisor. So Cain uses TRAK to be more efficient in client meetings. “I only get about 30-40 minutes with each client, so I have to be precise with my information. If I can keep it simple, I can help people make decisions.”

“The interest calculator is priceless,” he says. He uses the interest calculator to illustrate compounding growth rates so that clients can see how much retirement income they will have. Using TRAK for important calculations saves him a lot of time in front of his clients. “With TRAK, there’s no need for a 10- or 15-minute pencil-and-paper show,” laughs Cain. “With TRAK, we can show calculations in just two minutes, right on the computer screen.”

Why David Cain Recommends TRAK

“TRAK is the tool that sets us apart. I recommend using TRAK, because it will help you become more efficient. It helps your clients understand the issues that affect their retirement. And it helps them make better decisions.”

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