TRAK Keeps Advisor in Schools

Marina Armbruster practically grew up the retirement industry. Upon graduation from Advisor Marina Armbrustercollege, she worked for a financial services company in California that specialized in financial planning for teachers. From training and management, to running a telemarketing department, she has dedicated herself to teachers and their retirement dreams.

Then in 1999, Armbruster transitioned from management to becoming an independent rep and she has never looked back. Her mission is simple— to provide independent and practical financial advice designed to take the confusion and complexities out of financial planning.

TRAK Opens Doors to Teachers

“Access to teachers is hard. Administrators don’t want reps coming in and no one wants telemarketing anymore,” explains Armbruster. TRAK’s customizable reports help create a reason for people to want to meet with her. “You need to offer people something, not just yourself. Using TRAK, I offer a free retirement analysis and people appreciate that,” she says.

TRAK Helps Uncover Hidden Accounts

With TRAK, Armbruster can quickly fulfill her promise of a free retirement analysis. “The Gap Analysis is what I use the most. It gives me the opportunity to get all the information from the clients, which makes the fact finding much easier. And they can’t hide accounts— there’s no incentive to,” she explains. TRAK’s Gap Analysis helps illustrate why her clients need to make changes in order to achieve their retirement goals.


Armbruster rarely meets people in her office, she’s mostly on the road and is always looking for ways to streamline what she brings. Recently she helped test the upcoming version of TRAK for use on tablets. “I’m excited about the online version because I’ll be able to use it on my Microsoft Surface. And I also like that I can easily make the charts larger, so people can see things more easily,” says Armbruster. Armed with her Wi-Fi spot and tablet, she is looking forward to leaving her laptop at home.

Why Marina Armbruster Recommends TRAK

“I don’t know where I would be without TRAK. I’m always in front of people, giving away free knowledge. They’ll come and sit down with me and they have no idea if they are on track to retire. With TRAK, I can tell them where they are,” beams Armbruster.

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