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If you are tired of unengaged 401(k) participants, generic enrollment materials and a plan web portal that nobody uses, then it’s time to take control of participant education!

Participant Gap Report

Participant meetings and participant education doesn’t need to be bland or generic. With the right approach, advisors can engage plan participants, motivate them to increase deferrals, and have the opportunity to discover outside assets to bring into the plan. Click the button below to read more about our Participant Gap Report.

Contribution Analysis Report

When a participant sees that they will need to make a big jump in their contribution to be ready for retirement, this can be discouraging and demotivating. This report can help participants take incremental steps to reach their retirement goals. Click the button below to read more about of Contribution Analysis Report.

The Retirement Analysis Kit (TRAK) can quickly create personalized retirement projections for each 401(k) participant. Before your meeting is done, your participants will know if they are on track for retirement and, if they’re not, exactly what they need to contribute to get on track.

Don’t Leave Money in the Room

401(k) Advisors using TRAK have doubled and tripled their business, found unmanaged assets and increased deferrals. With TRAK, you’re in the driver’s seat, bringing retirement education directly to participants and motivating them to take action. Many participants make one-on-one appointments on the spot to get on track for retirement!

Watch this 30 min presentation to learn how the Tools you get with TRAK can help you take your participant meetings from boring to engaging.

Increase Your AUM

“But what about my other accounts and assets?” When an advisor hears this question, TRAK makes it easy to transition to a one-on-one meeting, crafting a complete retirement plan including Social Security and other assets and accounts.

TRAK helps advisors discover unmanaged assets to roll into the retirement plan and win new plans.

Many advisors have increased their business 3x with TRAK!

TRAK has helped us discover outside assets that we can use to help participants get on track. And also bring other outside assets into our firm.

Jonathon Schultheiss

401(k) Advisor, Gate City Advisors

Powerful Tools for One-on-One Meetings

Gap Retirement Years Chart

TRAK allows advisors to easily create detailed retirement plans and can be even more effective when used interactively with your participants and clients.

Do you ever get questions about pension benefits, split annuities, or Social Security timing? TRAK has a unique set of tools to address these and other common retirement questions and scenarios.

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