Stand Out, Motivate Participants, Delight Plan Sponsors

Do you want more engaged participants? How about being able to objectively show the plan sponsor that their employees are better off with you as their advisor? Would you like to differentiate yourself and command higher fees by providing unique and effective plan education? If so, then it’s time to take control of participant education!

The Retirement Analysis Kit (TRAK) can quickly create personalized retirement projections for each participant. Before your meeting is done, your participants will know if they are on track for retirement and, if they’re not, exactly what they need to contribute to get on track.

Advisors using TRAK have doubled and tripled their business, found unmanaged assets and increased deferrals. With TRAK, you’re in the driver’s seat, bringing retirement education directly to participants and motivating them to take action.

Stand out from other advisors, engage participants, and delight plan sponsors and see the difference it will make on your business!.

What do other advisors say about TRAK?

With TRAK, our client satisfaction has gone through the roof, participation and contribution rates are up, and we have consistent opportunities for one-on-one financial planning. Our average participation rate is now between 80-95%! It’s played a role in our growth as a firm and now we use TRAK with every plan. We even started using it with our own 850 employees and the response was phenomenal. We have never received such positive feedback and found an additional $10 million to help advise on.

Advisor Gerald WernetteGerald Wernette, CPA, CEBS, AIFA®, C(K)P™
Principal, Director
Rehmann Retirement Builders
Farmington Hills, MI

I was in a competitive situation where we were competing against multiple advisors. And so I came in and I showed them a TRAK plan level sample report and I said, “Our goal is to come in and show you where you are now and then come back in twelve months and show you how much better the plan is. I’m the only advisor here that has been able to show you beyond a shadow of a doubt that your participants are better off having hired me than the other advisors.” And that won us the plan!

Advisor Jonathon SchultheissJonathon Schultheiss, CRPS®, AIF®, PPC®
Gate City Advisors
Greensboro, NC

What’s unique about TRAK?


Rather than handing out generic plan information or telling participants to access a web portal to view their personal plan information, TRAK is advisor-driven. Advisors using TRAK’s reports can take control of the education process, giving participants the personal information they want that answers their key questions like “Am I ready to retire?” Some of the unique ways TRAK does this are:

  • Participants see at a glance if they are on track for retirement and if not, the report tells tell how much they need to contribute.
  • Contribution suggestions simulate their actual paycheck so participants will see exactly how increased contributions will affect their take-home pay.
  • Contributions reports can show “baby-steps” towards getting on track for retirement for those who are not ready to make a big change.
  • Reports show the affects on their paycheck of different contribution levels as well as how those scenarios may accumulate towards retirement.
  • Participants will understand the cost of waiting to increase their contributions, how much money they may be leaving on the table.
  • Plan sponsors will see detailed information about how their plan is serving the participants and will be able to monitor improvements over time.

Advisors using these reports regularly see participation and contributions double and triple in the plans they serve. Advisors have several options for implementing these reports:

  • Purchase the cloud-based version of the software: TRAK-Online
  • Purchase the Windows-based version of the software: TRAK
  • Outsource report creation to RetireReady Solutions

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