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Personalized Plan Participant Reports

Active versus Passive. We’re not talking about investing here but rather active versus passive participant education.

Bored, disengaged participants are all too familiar with passive participant education. Passive education provides participants with generic plan and investment information and then instructs them to visit a web portal to manage their plan contributions and investments. Passive participant education does not give participants the information and help they want and need. Participation rates and contributions are average at best and, consequently, the advisor’s business growth also stagnates.

Active participant education that is advisor-driven and answers participants’ questions and concerns is the game-changer. Imagine walking into your next enrollment meeting and handing each person a personalized report that answered their primary question: “Am I ready to retire?” Participants would see current contributions and their retirement projection and give them actionable suggestions on how much to increase their contribution and how that increase will affect their take-home pay today.

Advisors are already using these reports to stunning effect, improving participant outcomes and growing their business.

What do other advisors say about TRAK?

“Our client satisfaction has gone through the roof, participation and contribution rates are up, and we have consistent opportunities for one-on-one financial planning. Our average participation rate is now between 80-95%! It’s played a role in our growth as a firm and now we use the reports with every plan. We even started using it with our own 850 employees!”


Gerald Wernette, CPA, CEBS, AIFA®, C(K)P™
Principal, Director, Rehmann Retirement Builders

Spend More Time Doing What You Love

As a licensed TRAK or TRAK-Online user you can run these reports yourself or you can outsource the report creation to us. Outsourcing your participant education needs to Retire Ready Solutions has many benefits:

  • Faster report creation
  • Free up your support staff to work on other projects
  • Focus more on connecting with participants and growing your business
  • Efficiently scale your business by working with more plan sponsors without hiring additional staff

Hire Us to Run Your Reports

Advisors are having incredible success engaging and motivating their participants with Retire Ready Solutions’ Plan Participant Reports and you can too. Retire Ready Solutions can create these engaging reports for you! Simply provide us with the census information along with a completed order form and we take care of the rest for you.

Are you ready to try an active, advisor-driven approach to participant education? Order our Plan Participant Reports and see the difference they can make for your participants and your business!


Report Pricing

(Pricing is subject to change without notice.)

Gap Analysis Report Gap & Contribution Analysis Report
Up to # of Participants Base Cost Cost per Participant Base Cost Cost per Participant
1 - 25 $100 $1.25 $135 $1.65
26 - 50 $125 $1.20 $160 $1.60
51 - 100 $150 $1.15 $185 $1.55
101 - 250 $200 $1.10 $225 $1.50
251 - 500 $250 $1.00 $275 $1.40
501 - 1,000 $300 $1.00 $325 $1.40
1,001+ $300 $1.00 $325 $1.40

The pricing above is for PDF reports. Reports can be printed and mailed for additional costs. Please contact RetireReady Solutions for more information.



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